Why don’t I have social media?

No, I’m not on Facebook. Instagram. Google Maps. Youtube. TikTok… any of it.

5 years ago, I made the decision to live offline. My phone is basically a portable music-machine for my love of dance! I believe in the power of human beings to come together and communicate and make magic happen.

For the past 3 years, I have been building my house from scratch (literally, with little outside help) with my family, and this took tons of energy and strength and mind-bending abilities I never knew I had. Now, I’m focusing on my dance career, and everybody expects me to have social media, but I won’t. It is a cheap imitation of real experience. I have no fear. I trust in nature.

Luckily, during house-building time, my spirituality increased dramatically and so did my mood and happy outlook on life. We must share our natural skills, talents, and qualities with each other, or we are not doing our best job here on earth.

So come share yourself with me! Let’s dance!

Why do I love Portugal?

{{ I used to live in London, England, for 11 years, so I have a lot to compare… }}

♡ Portuguese people are the nicest I’ve ever met. I can’t remember a bad experience with a person living here. We look each other in the eyes. Portuguese people are relaxed.

♡ Almost 365 days of sunshine? Yes, I’m in!

♡ Did you know Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world? I can leave my bicycle outside without it being stolen. I can leave the windows open. I can take walks alone at any time of day or night. Many people in the world do not have this luxury.

♡ The entire west coast is beaches. We have mountains and cliffs. We have fields full of beautiful sheep, goats, and chickens. We have wild trails. We have small villages full of old architecture. We have a huge amount of unspoiled land.

♡ Did you know that Portugal could be a self-sufficient country, in terms of food, without imports or exports? We have wild figs – olives – oranges – lemons – grapes – apples – pears – you name it. What grows in the ground? Potatoes, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, corn, wheat, peppers… what doesn’t actually grow, here?!

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