I dance because everybody can dance; it is in our human nature to be excited about music and dance!

Dancing helps us release our worries and feel freedom.

In my classes, I challenge you to move with YOUR rhythm – YOUR unique beat – and explore how YOU like to move. They are unlike traditional classes that teach basic salsa or specific-movement-based styles.

I will teach you everything I know from years of daily dancing that has become a blissful, fun, and spiritual experience. I simply assist you in becoming the best dancer that you want to be and encourage you to open up to this beautiful practice of flowing and stomping with me.

I hold both private and group classes.

My personal dancing style is inspired by:

Kathak (Indian dance based on story-telling)
The rhythms of the tabla, mridangam, and didgeridoo instruments
Trance and psytrance music
– Spiritual bhajan music

My dance studio is open by autumn, 2022 in Ventosa near Montejunto, Portugal!